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I have added digital images & screen captures of Cody’s match from last Monday Night’s episode of RAW. Check them out below.

Cody Rhodes & Goldust def. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws via Disqualification


Given that Cody Rhodes & Goldust attacked The New Age Outlaws before their WWE Tag Team Championship rematch even got going, it’s safe to say “The Brotherhood” was a little miffed at losing their titles to the Attitude Era mainstays. Not, it turns out, as miffed as Brock Lesnar being denied a WWE World Heavyweight Title Match, but hold that thought a moment.

The Rhodes Brothers were, in any case, spoiling for a fight immediately, unloading so much offense on the Outlaws that Billy Gunn literally called for a time out at one point. Things settled into a rhythm when Cody & Road Dogg squared off, trading holds and jabs, respectively, across the ring. Goldust took the brunt of the Outlaws’ comeback, though Cody rallied with a springboard double-missile dropkick to both champions. Gunn countered the Disaster Kick with a monster clothesline when, suddenly, Brock Lesnar made his entrance and – having been denied a match against either Randy Orton or Batista – decimated both “Brotherhood” members with F-5s and a torrent of strikes with a steel chair.

source: WWE.COM

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I have added some digital images of Cody Rhodes from his appearance on WWE’s Royal Rumble Pay Per View. Check out the images from Cody’s two appearances below.

Royal Rumble Official Results

Cody Rhodes lasted 21:01 in the Royal Rumble. He made only one elimination (Alexander Rusev) and was eliminated by his brother Goldust unintentionally.

The New Age Outlaws def. WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust (Kickoff Match)


One of the greatest tag teams in WWE history fortified its legacy during the Royal Rumble Kickoff, as The New Age Outlaws defeated Cody Rhodes & Goldust to win their sixth WWE Tag Team Championship. Regardless of why the Attitude Era mainstays earned the opportunity – their victory against The Brotherhood on SmackDown or their relationship with WWE COO Triple H – Road Dogg & Billy Gunn proved they “still got it.”

The brotherly chemistry between Cody Rhodes and Goldust – despite a 16-year age difference – has been dominant in recent months. However, the nearly two decades of experience The New Age Outlaws possess was too much for the sons of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. ...Continue Reading

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I have added screen captures & digital photos from Cody’s appearance on last night’s Monday Night RAW. Check them out below along with the results.

The Shield def. Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston & WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust

What tension? The Shield – seemingly on shaky terms last Friday during SmackDown – looked as dominant as ever on Raw, mauling Cody Rhodes, Goldust & Big E Lansgston into defeat in what may be among their finest Six-Man Tag Team showings. That the bout ended in victory was something of a surprise for The Hounds of Justice, though, because the three champions seemed to have The Shield’s number from the jump-off.

Emulating their opponents’ numbers-game strategy, Langston & “The Brotherhood” sequestered Seth Rollins from his teammates and went to town on the men in black’s resident strategist, to the tune of a soaring cross body by Cody Rhodes to the outside. Roman Reigns got the Hounds rolling again, though a Disaster Kick and a fresh tag from Big E cut the comeback short. Langston had Dean Ambrose all to himself, and if not for timely interferences by all three Shield-mates, the bout might have ended in his favor. Alas, it was Rollins who won the day, capitalizing off a timely knee to Big E’s gut from Ambrose by stomping Langston’s head flat into the canvas.

source: WWE.COM

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I have added photos of Cody from WWE’s TLC Pay Per View. Check them out below.

WWE Tag Team Champions Goldust & Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio & Big Show, The Real Americans and Ryback & Curtis Axel (Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match)


Despite the odds being against them in every conceivable fashion at WWE TLC, WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Goldust outlasted three other tandems to retain their titles in a grueling Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match.

The champions went into WWE TLC with all of their opponents feeling confident about a victory. Both The Real Americans and Curtis Axel & Ryback captured victories over Rhodes & Goldust in recent weeks, while the combined strength and speed of Rey Mysterio & Big Show made them a newfound wild card. ...Continue Reading

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